We TYPO3. The Magic CMS

Are you facing your website with slow loading time and security issues or something else... ?? Here Net2Typo Comes into the picture to upgrade your Older TYPO3 Version to Latest available TYPO3 version.

If your website is in TYPO3 Old version 4.x and you want to Upgrade whole your website 1:1, we can do for you easily in Latest TYPO3 Version 6.2.x / 7.6.x / 8.1.x .

Net2Typo have highly professional TYPO3 experts who will do your without any technical boundaries.

Why to Upgrade your Old TYPO3 with Net2Typo ?

  • Modularity &¬†Distributions¬†
    Separates modules and make them together. For large sized Website, Modularity will be the best part to optimize the system. You can select any combination of pages, assets, content extensions and configurations to be packed and deploy them easily across any Site.
  • History & Undo
    Latest the technology used, get the benefit into your website. You can flexibly do Undo / Redo your changes in Latest TYPO3.
  • User interactive
    The Latest TYPO3 versions are very easy to understand and have created to make any changes on the fly. Whole backend is User-friendly, so non-technical persons can also manage TYPO3 very well. 
  • Extentions
    Old PiBase Extension method is replaced by Latest ExtBase / Fluid Extension method. Which facilitates ease of use of code and MVC Pattern Code. Using ExtBase we can achieve any Complex & Custom Requirement Easily.

  • FAL
    DAM is Replaced by the Latest File Abstract Layer (FAL). Net2Typo uses FAL in ExtBase extension while creating New extension for better performance.
  • Responsive Image Rendering
    Now you can render Responsive images using Latest TYPO3 Versions which is very helpful to reduce the page load time.

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